Dilapidations Advice

Cardoe Martin provide advice upon Landlord & Tenant repairing obligations and dilapidations.

The Liability to repair under the terms of a Lease can vary significantly under current statute and case law. Currently numerous pension fund clients benefit from our watchful eye upon their tenants repairing strategies or lack of them! Interim or terminal schedules of dilapidations are then prepared and our clients investments protected.

Cardoe Martin also advise building tenants on the extent of their liabilities in accordance with the terms of their Lease.

Clients often require advice upon the scope and cost of their future dilapidations liability e.g. in advance of lease expiry for inclusion in company accounting forecasts and we undertake this type of service upon all types of commercial buildings including warehouse, industrial, office and retail properties.

Examples of typical Dilapidations projects are shown here.

For further information please contact Graham Cardoe.