Construction Health & Safety Advice (CDM)

Anyone having construction or building work carried out has legal duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007), unless they are a domestic client.

These Regulations help to ensure that a construction project is safe to build and is safe to use and to maintain.

Good health and safety policies also helps to ensure that your project is well managed and that unexpected costs and problems are minimised.

If the Regulations are relevant to your building project you will need to appoint a CDM Coordinator and Cardoe Martin have this expertise.

If you donít appoint a CDM coordinator or principal contractor on a notifiable project, it will mean that you are legally liable if the things that they should have done arenít actually done.

Serious breaches of health and safety legislation on your construction project could result in construction work being stopped by the HSE or your local authority and additional work may be needed to put things right. In the most serious circumstances, you could be prosecuted.

Under the CDM Regulations (Construction Design & Management) Cardoe Martin act as CDM Coordinators upon the following types of schemes: